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A well designed reservations widget and web based management system that works. This B2B2C solution, a table reservation system is extremely easy to add to any website giving restaurants a flexible online reservation system that their customer can use with great ease.

Restaurant business owners will have full control of their own table inventory and are able to manage reservations, availability and much more themselves. There is no aggregation of restaurants, no sharing of data. The reservation widgets are not heavily project our brand giving a 'own' feel about the reservations widget.

The reservations widget

A super friendly widget for customers that can be styled to meet your brand requirements. The superior user experience is coupled with swift confirmations via SMS text messages and email.

You are completely in control the reservations and availability with the VIP portal.

Reserved keeps your customer's data private and secured. Only you have access your customer's information.

Collect Deposit Payments

Minimise no-shows by enabling deposit payments for reservations. Filter out the blockers who tend to change their mind later.

Reserved allows you to enable deposit payments for reservations via Stripe payment gateway. Deposits collected go straight into the restaurant's gateway account.

Secured payments processing at affordable processing charge.

Fully Featured Online Table Reservations

Reservations Online

  • Integrate reservation widget in multiple webpages
  • Add the reservation widget to other websites/social media pages
  • Secured SSL encryption
  • Integrate to multiple web/social media pages
  • Configure the colours and text based on your branding
  • Responsive design

Manage Reservations

  • Unlimited access to VIP Portal
  • Allows you to manage all reservations in one place
  • Configure working days, hours and much more
  • Diary view for restaurant with the day's schedule
  • Ability to manage reservations and notes in Diary view
  • Easy to use diary features

Manage Availability

  • Add and manage table availability at any time
  • Block dates and add exceptions for certain dates
  • Highly configurable table and seating based availability

Alerts and Notifications

  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Customise all SMS and email alerts sent to customer and restaurant
  • Ability to send cancellation and amendment links

Reports and Analytics

  • A friendly Dashboard presenting latest activity
  • Reservation reports based on various criteria
  • Separate reports for admin reservations

Cost Effective

  • Practical and affordable subscription costs
  • No hidden costs, no commissions and no surprises
  • Low transaction charges for deposit payments


  • Your customer data remains with you
  • No data sharing with any third parties
  • Build your own customer database

Payments Enabled

  • Optionally allow customers to pay deposit for reservations
  • All payments directly land in restaurant's gateway account
  • Secure and standard Stripe gateway integration

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